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    Toll Free/Virtual Number

    Toll Free/Virtual Number

    Toll free numbers provide a platform to the customers of any company or organisation to solve their grievances through the individuals available on a three-digit code, toll-free landline number which is free of cost anywhere in the country. Such a subscribed number is charged for all the incoming calls and bill processed on the name of the company.


    A toll-free code is generally prefixed to the standard landline number like 0120, 800, 0800, 888, 866, 877, 855, 844, 833 or 1-800 number (number is identified by a prefix of a

    geographic area code). These toll-free numbers not only operate from the landline phones but also the mobile phones.


    The toll-free numbers are assigned to the organisations for the purpose of imparting customer service. They also act as the numbers for sales promotion and marketing of the products and services of an organisation. These numbers help an organisation to gain a customer friendly and trustworthy reputation in the market. They are an excellent platform to earn potential customers and satisfy the existing customers through transparent and immediate first-hand communication services.


    A virtual number is a programmed number to forward incoming calls to a particular number which is generally a fixed landline, mobile or VoIP number chosen by the client. It is also known as a direct inward dialling (DID) or access number which is not connected with a telephone line. Subscribers use their existing phone lines to act as the virtual numbers. These virtual numbers are a gateway to rapid business growth for small-scale business units. A

    virtual number can be set to be forwarded on different phone numbers depending on the need and time of the customers.


    The virtual numbers are extremely popular amongst business units, start-ups, migrant individuals, sole number for sales and marketing campaigns and the companies providing virtual services.